A Day That Will Never Be Forgotten

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This is probably the most depressing blog topics that I have written about in two years. As many of you are aware, two explosives were detonated at the finish line during the Boston Marathon today 04/15/2013. I am not writing this blog to report the news and give you politics or the facts, however I am writing this to express my condolences to those that are no longer with us and those who are severely injured. All of our prayers and thoughts at LJay Health goes out to families of the victims, the Boston community, running family and the nation as a whole.

The Boston Marathon is like the Super Bowl for many runners and everyone works very hard to get there. Unfortunately the glory and victory was taken away from the athletes who ran the marathon today. Who would have ever thought that someone would intentionally plant explosive devices at a marathon, it definitely caught everyone off guard.

I have ran 5 marathons to date, 30 miles this past Sunday and running the Boston marathon was in my future. Considering the events that happened today, I am not really sure how I feel at this point in time. It is really a heart felt moment for myself and millions of other people. It is important that we not live in fear but to be very cautious in everything we do.

One thing that we can take away from this tragedy is to remember to cherish life and be there for one another. I want to leave you with a quote that I was inspired by especially after today.

Live, Love, and cherish Life. Make friends, memories, and plans. Your life is about you, but life is not about you. Fall in love. Love the fall and winter and spring and summer. Ski, skate, sing and dance. Smell the rain and the chocolate chip cookies. Take all the time you need, but don’t waste it. Catch the big one with your dad. Go on a trip with your mom. Love children, for you were once one. Learn from your elders, and one day you’ll have their wisdom. Seek the truth. Find it in yourself, others, and in your faith. Be patient and gentle. Most of all truly live.

Leave a comment and let me know how you are feeling even if its just to vent.


  1. These are those events that we will never understand. All we can do is use them as reminders to live a little more fiercely than we were a moment before.

  2. Opalla says:

    This is a very sad day indeed! I was glued to the life coverage the entire afternoon thinking about the dead and the injured, and waiting to hear from people I know who have gone to the race. Thanks goodness my friend’s husband came in at 3:45 and he was cleared. Took her a while to be evacuated and took the subway back to the hotel.

  3. drjjgregor says:

    Great heartfelt post! This may sound cheesy but when you qualify for the Boston you should run it, if you don’t who ever did this horrible act wins! We can’t let a bunch of morons instill fear and terror in us! Sorry just my two cents.

  4. junkmile says:

    I was updating my site when this was brought to my attention by a co worker, the rest of my thoughts fizzled. My dream is to still run it one day and I will. I will not be fear monger d into hiding. I don’t really understand why it happened and probably never will. My heart goes out to my fellow runners.

  5. shoedooo says:

    It was terrifying to me. Such a tragedy. Scary and makes you not want to run in public.

  6. It is just so heartbreaking! It makes me sad, sick to my stomach, and angry all at the same time. Why would someone do something so horrendous? What makes someone want to harm others? If we could all just live in peace and love one another, this world wouldn’t have to be so scary and evil.

  7. angelasommers says:

    Thank you for your post, it’s always good to hear some heartfelt emotions, truly felt and experienced emotions, not some stuff people expect of you.
    Thank you for sharing, and I agree, this has been a very sad day indeed, and my heart also goes out to those that have lost so much today.
    Please keep on doing what you are doing, and spreading so much positive-ness.
    Thanks again!

  8. The Marines in Boston went directly to the Hospitals to give blood. There were so many heros/heroines today, all the first responders, physicians, EMTs, volunteers who were their for the race and were able to help the stricken. A sad day and so many losses. Thank you for all the kind thoughts for Boston today.

  9. Shonnie says:

    Stealin your quote. 🙂

  10. Jim Brennan says:

    L-Jay, great quote, and well needed after today’s tragedy. The horrific events in Boston today caused me to write two posts today, a first. I wrote about great memories from the Boston Marathon this morning, and had to write a follow-up offering my prayers. A sad day for all. Thanks for your post.

  11. wiolakk says:

    😦 Where does all the hatred come from? …

  12. ahellams says:

    Run Boston when you make it!! Don’t let cowards acting so horrifically take away a dream, don’t give them that power. I certainly won’t if/when I qualify! Use that race to make a statement!

  13. Great thoughts and a wonderful quote….It was definitely a sad day, not only for the people directly affected by the explosions, but also for the running community all over the world. Something like this does make one question whether to enter big events like this, but then to stay away would only give those who perpetrate these deeds more ammunition. They feed on fear and as a world community we need to stand up to them. Keep on running!

  14. Tim says:

    Don’t give up on your dreams L-Jay. Boston is something you’ve worked hard for and you should go for it. You inspire me all the time and I will pray for you.

  15. LizForADay says:

    I think we need to keep running. That’s what we do. I think it will take time for everyone to be comfortable with running races again. But just as you said, we can’t live I’m fear.

  16. Kate Bax says:

    Reblogged this on Live Fit.

  17. Triple Drop Training says:

    This was the first thing I read this morning. I’m certain it’s helped set me up for what’s going to be a perfect day.
    As a child in the 80’s I grew up in an era when there was, what felt like, an ever-present terrorist threat in many of the UK’s major cities. Choosing an almost arbitrary place like a marathon in Boston seems just as senseless as the 1993 tragedy in Warrington. I just can’t comprehend how these murderers must have felt in order to justify what they were about to do.
    A fun day out at a sporting event, even for those who took part, is about as innocent and inoffensive as you can get. Surely, even the most deluded of fundamentalists, anarchists or supremacists, couldn’t have considered this event an appropriate target?
    Life for all of us, has to carry on regardless. We can’t ever lose faith in ourselves, or each other. If we do, they’ve won.

  18. gorunjess says:

    I’m struggling to not feel sad and hurt by what has happened. My family has cheered me on at countless finish lines and I’ve never had to worry that they were not safe there-feel like I’ll be worried now. My heart just breaks for these victims and their families. I ran last night. It felt like the only thing I could do to feel better.

    • Mnemosyne says:

      I know what you mean. I’m trying my best to be “positive” about this. I’m about to start participating in organized running events and I’m afraid when I start really involving my family and friends to support me that there will be consequences. Although I’m in Canada, I’m afraid one day things like this will cross the border and start severely affecting us.

  19. willbfit says:

    Beautiful post! We shall not let one senseless act take away our love of running. If anything, we will continue to run with an even stronger bond to each and every runner, both known and unknown. ~ Maria

  20. I still feel so sad. I was there during the marathon expo. Good thing we were out of there when the explosion happened. It may take some time for the running community to heal but when we do, we will be stronger than ever.
    Stay safe guys and keep on running!

    • L-Jay Health says:

      Thanks alot for the encouraging words! I’m glad you are safe. There are soooo many runner around the country running strong in support of Boston! It’s a great thing to see.

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