Post 30 Day No Refined Sugar Challenge

Posted: August 27, 2012 in blood sugar, bodybuilding, cardio, crossfit, diet, exercise, fitness, food, gym, Health, meals, metabolism, nutrition, running, vegan, vegetarian, wellness, workout, yoga

Decided to make a video to give an update on the 30 Day No Refined Sugar Challenge we started back on July 23, 2012. Thanks to everyone who joined the challenge with me. Please comment and let me know how you feel and how the overall experience was for you!

  1. Great Job Sugar is a toxin and making the American Public slow, demented, and manipulated . I have used the natural sugar substitute Green Leaf Stevia to put sugar on a few things. I’m not that strong but I did give up Cigs.
    Great Job and I am glad you can feel the difference in your body, that is what proper nutrition should be all about. You must know your own body.

  2. Jim Brennan says:

    L-Jay, Marathons, sure. Trail runs, of course. One hundred-mile cycle races, why not? The refined sugar challenge, you are a braver man than I. But it is a worthy goal with huge health benefits. One thing that I have found is that the more I cut back on refined sugar, the less I crave it. I hope many followers take you up on the challenge.

  3. I tip my hat to you…but I’m still going to sneak a bit of it (in extreme moderation) occasionally. I don’t think ‘Good Luck’ is something you really need.

  4. ccariello says:

    Hi L-Jay, I enjoyed your video about the sugar challenge. Just finishing up the Paleo challenge at my Crossfit gym and the detox was really difficult. Feeling great now though!

  5. James says:

    Tried absolutely zero sugar for about 10 days. Everyone complained I got too grumpy (grins). I finally broke and took up fruit again.

    Is that Soy milk you are making the protein shake out of? Too much of that can moderately lower your testosterone levels (and is not paleo kosher). Try adjusting your taste buds to Almond milk. The Silk brand is good. I the Blue Diamond brand, Vanilla Unsweetened, is better than Silk. Let me know if you like it…

  6. Ever so often I try to switch up things in my lifestyle and just like you I gave up sugar for one month until my birthday which was this past Sunday. For some reason this time it was HARD! but my husband and I did it. Wanted to break but we pressed on.

    Good Job to you too!

  7. ninokanini says:

    Ahh I love not eating sugar. I accidentally had some last week and I wasn’t used to it at all – was shocked how much I actually disliked it. Been off sugar for a few years (with loads of sugar binges in between, of course) and very strictly for two months now, and I feel so much better! Clear headed and not sluggish at all. Cut out wheat, too, and it makes a huge difference. But I do eat fruit – my body reacts differently. And I really couldn’t do without my mangoes. You know that teeny layer of fat that ALWAYS remains on your tummy, however hard you work out? It’s finally gone, wayyy. Wrote a blog post about it a while back, can’t find it though… Good on you for cutting out sugar, keep it up! 😉

  8. chopnchat says:

    Loved the video! Yes, refined sugar will definitely do you in and make you feel sluggish…some people feel blue as well. If you want something sweet, have a nice piece of fruit; your body will adapt. L-Jay, do a plant-based lifestyle for a month! I went from vegetarian to vegan and the positive changes are awesome! I wish that experience for everyone!

  9. holmesinho says:

    Reblogged this on Happy Talk and commented:
    I’m looking to improve my diet in the next month as I prepare for a triathlon so this info is quite timely.

  10. MattToronto says:

    Keep up the great work my friend!

  11. junkmile says:

    I don’t know if refined will be out of my diet 100% but, knowing what I know and feel with the 30 day challenge I intend to keep it as low as possible. Changes I felt was being energized, I feel like a shark always needing to be in motion. Replacing my morning splenda with honey for my Coffee was great.

  12. Mandy says:

    I think that’s awesome and congrats on completing the 30 days! For a long time, I too gave up sugar and lately have been on a sweets kick. So, I think I’ll take your lead and see if I can’t change up my diet again 🙂 Hope you can hold out until Thanksgiving – I know a piece of pumpkin or pecan pie would be worth it!

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  14. tchistorygal says:

    I nominated you for a Lovely Blog Award! Congratulations. Enjoy the award and picking out your favorite sites. Come visit my site to pick up your award. I made it through my month without sugar, but I fell off the wagon, so I have got to jump back on. So today in honor of your award, I’m back on. 🙂

  15. Shonnie says:

    I’ll let ya know when I finish mine. 🙂

  16. ilovelucca says:

    like this!! have thought of it many times but just don’t do it!! so will give it a go …..30 days sugar free???? here i come….

  17. ilovelucca says:

    Reblogged this on Run Tonto Run…… and commented:
    So what do you reckon????? 30 day no sugar??? Phew…..

  18. great video! Try caffeine challenge next or salt 🙂 keep up the good work!

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