Pre 30 Day No Refined Sugar Challenge

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Hi everyone! Monday, July 23, 2012 starts the first day of LJAY HEALTH 30 days of eating no refined sugar challenge.  The challenge will end on Friday, August 24, 2012. If you are looking to see increased fitness results or just an improvement of overall health you should join the challenge. This challenge will also test your mental strength as well!

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Things to know about Refined Sugar

Refined sugars consist of foods such as cakes, cookies, candy, table sugar, foods with high fructose corn syrup (donuts. chocolate, certain cereals, vending machine snacks etc.

Eliminating sugar from your diet stabilizes your blood sugar levels. When you eat foods that contain sugar, your pancreas releases insulin to help redistribute the sugar in your blood to your cells for energy. Your body stores excess sugar in your muscles and liver, according to

Depending on your body’s response, consuming sugar may cause spikes in your blood sugar or glucose levels. When you eliminate sugary foods, you reduce these peaks, stabilizing your blood sugar. Eliminating sugar also reduces food cravings caused by drops in blood glucose, ridding yourself of the up-and-down pattern of your blood sugar levels.

The single largest source of calories for Americans comes from sugar—specifically high fructose corn syrup. Just take a look at the sugar consumption trends of the past 300 years:

In 1700, the average person consumed about 4 pounds of sugar per year. (very, very low compared to today) 
In 1800, the average person consumed about 18 pounds of sugar per year.
In 1900, individual consumption had risen to 90 pounds of sugar per year.
In 2009, more than 50 percent of all Americans consume one-half pound of sugar PER DAY—translating to a whopping 180 pounds of sugar per year!

Sugar is loaded into your soft drinks, fruit juices, sports drinks, and hidden in almost all processed foods—from bologna to pretzels to Worcestershire sauce to cheese spread.

Here is a very interesting articles posted by MenHealth identifying 20 Most Sugar-Packed Foods.

Join LJAY HEALTH in this challenge and help spread the word about this challenge. I am very excited about this challenge! 

Post 30 Day No Refined Sugar Challenge

  1. leekirs1 says:

    I am also very excited about this challenge! Now, you’re speaking my language! Did you know that you can be addicted to sugar? Yes- those nutritionally bankrupt white flour, sugar, hydrogenated oil combos we call donuts, Hawaiian rolls, mashed potatoes ,french bread and Frosted Flakes, in addition to ice cream, cookies, and pie, do nothing for your body but condition it to mess up your body’s sugar/insulin balance. THAT’S what’s causing the type 2 Diabetes plague in America, and I encourage everyone to try getting off the sugar roller coaster and eating lean meats, eggs, cheese, soy/legumes, lots of veggies, and moderate fruit. I have lost 17 pounds by ridding my body of refined sugars. It’s not just the Snicker’s bar and Chips Ahoy that are the problem. See, simple starches like white rice and potatoes instantly convert over to glucose- sugar.

  2. healthsphere says:

    @leekirs: I think simple starches can be overdone just as easily. For example, in patients with heart disease, it would be recommended against having too much carbohydrates given its involved in the transport of LDL cholesterol. Of course, research tends to swing both ways with this one but from my research, I don’t think starches should be overly recommended as a perfect replacement for refined sugars. I’m not exactly a dietician, but while I whole heartedly agree that one should avoid refined sugars, I think we should also be skeptical of potentially overdoing the simple starches too. 🙂

  3. Jennifer says:

    I’ll never make it! Maybe a week, lol. 😀

  4. changeforbetterme says:

    pulling for you L-Jay and all the others that face the challenge!! I’m afraid that I am way ahead of you all tho….but only because I’m diabetic….. 😦 You will find the 2nd week is when the cravings usually hit….but if you can pass that you’ll be flying home! I find when my cravings hit (diabetics get really bad sugar cravings…part of the beast I’m afraid) go with fresh fruit to fight it! You get the sugary taste with out the sugar……good luck everyone!

    • L-Jay Health says:

      Thank you for the motivation and advice. Going to try hard to fight through the cravings. Will be good to have an entire community of people doing this challenge. Thanks again!! Take care

  5. Good luck – sounds a very worthwhile challenge. I’d say I ate very healthily but in the last month I’ve bought two pounds of sugar!
    I read in an inflight magazine a few years ago that if you eat sugar four or more times a day, it greatly increased your chances of getting pancreatic cancer. No idea if this has been proven but I can see it as a possibility.

  6. CLAUDIA says:

    Oh, I keep trying to do this – but lose motivation! I’m def in on this one.
    Dried fruit ok?

  7. lslclr says:

    Good luck! You’ll do great!

  8. I’m going to join you on this challenge as I aim to get my health and my weight back. But it will be hard to avoid the sugar added to tinned foods, sauces, yoghurts etc.
    Can I have honey? Or is that too much like a sugar?

  9. DSTPRL says:

    Reblogged this on Femme Fitale Fit Club Blog and commented:
    Does this remind anyone of a recent challenge?

  10. Great Challenge. If you need the taste of sugar do not use sugar substitutes they are more deadly. Use Stevia Green Leaf Stevia.
    Looking for a Safe Sugar Substitute Like Stevia? Be Careful What You May Find.
    And watch your fruit intake
    What is Fructose.
    Sugar and Fructose cause insulin resistance which leads
    to being diabetic.
    Good Luck. With the rest of what I have seen you do this will be no sweat.

  11. geeksparkle says:

    I have given up refined sugars just by eating more whole foods, BUT! I’m down for this challenge! It will a) make me tripple check labels and b) give me a reason to avoid an ice cream social I have to deal with on August 1st!

  12. I’m in too! I did this a couple of years ago…completely avoided sugar for several months (it’s much easier once you get past the first two weeks), and was able to lose 30 pounds! Unfortunately, I went back to my bad habits and gained it back. So, thanks for the motivation to try it again. Good luck everyone!

  13. Yes! Yes! I love the challenge! Refined sugar is in everything! Eating more fresh stuff is the way to go.

  14. aura jade says:

    Sugar is the WORST not to mention it’s addictive! I am trying so hard to stay away from it. It’s in everything and I have a huge sweet tooth.

  15. asterisk * photography says:

    Way to go! I’m already sugar-free but I couldn’t agree more 🙂 Kim*

  16. chopnchat says:

    GREAT IDEA, great challenge. NY Times Magazine did an article on the toxic effects of sugar not too long ago. This is an awesome area of focus for anyone wanting to achieve better health. Thank you for taking it on!

  17. elskenewman says:

    I’m not sure whether I’ll manage to cut it out completely but I am certainly up for giving it a go and if not cut out, at least massively reduce my sugar intake. Great challenge!

  18. I would like to be a part of this. I’ll do my best to go no-sugar, but I think I will be happy if I massively reduce my intake as well. My body could benefit from a no sugar diet. However, I AM having cake at my friend’s wedding next month. Haha 🙂

  19. junkmile says:

    Surprisingly I am feeling good so far this morning, usually by now I have had my cereal and coffee with splenda. When I quit smoking I felt like this till day 3, then that women smoking the cigarette 5 feet from me (lets just say licking nicotine off her teeth was going through my mind ><). Addiction, it make ya be crazy!

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  21. […] 30 Day No Refined Sugar Challenge « L-Jay Health. […]

  22. I’m up for it! Gotta to go home a read some labels.

  23. LOVE LOVE this! Being a new-bie as a diabetic – I have jumped in head first to learn all I can about sugar and how it affects your body – thank you so much for such great, helpful information- I really appreciate it… Jerrie

  24. katefa28 says:

    Reblogged this on Sound Body, Sound Mind and commented:
    This would be a huge challenge for me! Let’s see if I can do it too?! Jumping on the Bandwagon!

  25. NOOOOOOOOO! Next you’ll want my soul!

  26. Tim says:

    I broke my sugar addiction and feel so much better. You don’t realize how bad you feel when consuming sugar until you cut it out. Good luck to all!

  27. jimmyandcha says:

    This is a very good challenge! Way to go!

  28. I’ll give it a shot. Does a teeny bit of organic dark chocolate count as cheating? I think I know the answer to this one…

  29. holly says:

    This challenge is one of the many reasons I wanted to nominate you for the “Inspiring Blog” award:
    Have a good day L-Jay!

  30. eviewg says:

    Good luck! It’s tough for the first few days, but as long as you get all that crap out of sight (and out of the house), you’ll do just fine!

  31. Cher says:

    I am honored to nominate you for The One Lovely Blog Award! Please pick-up your award at…e-these-awards/. Copy and Paste the Award to your blog and follow the rules of acceptance. I wish you many blessings. Congratulations!!

  32. Stacey says:

    Great work. I did this at the beginning of the year. I rarely want sugar now an foods naturally taste so much sweeter. Everyone should do this!

  33. Mrose says:

    Good luck with the challenge, and thank you for stopping by today. I hope you can make it through the whole 30 days- sugar is a toughie!

  34. nisham says:

    Nice! I’ve been doing Whole30 since July 18, and I love it! Feel free to check out my blog if it keeps you motivated 🙂

  35. Reblogged this on Voluptuous Presence and commented:
    This is my main problem, too many sugary drinks, two heaped sugars in my tea, not too much chocolate or biscuits but it all adds up doesn’t it.

  36. I’m totally joining this challenge. I have my Tough Mudder race in a little over a month…this is a perfect motivator for me! Thanks so much!

  37. […] If you are interesting in joining the challenge, check out L-Jay Health’s blog and his post on the challenge at: […]

  38. kjts0411 says:

    Reblogged this on A Life with Vitality and commented:
    This is a great post about the dangers of sugar and just how much sugar we actually consume!

  39. ctminnesota says:

    I’ll do my best on this one – – it is a must for me! I was happily living without any refined sugar for many, many months. It took very little time for my body to crave it again once I ate it. :-p

    I came to the party a little late, so I’ll commit to joining you for the month of August. I’ll be looking for support here!!

  40. […] challenges I am involved in are as follows’: L Jay’s 30 day no refined sugar Muddy J’s Double-Header Fitness Challenge OneHundredPushups TwoHundredSitups TwoHundredSquats […]

  41. kaykaramo says:

    I definitely want to attempt this. In my journey to get healthy Sugar is my only enemy. When I do attempt this I will alert you for support because I will be needing it.

  42. I might be a few days late but I’m in! I will just carry it through beyond your end date. Thanks for the motivation.

  43. More than a few days late, but you’re on.

  44. workhardplayhard1 says:

    I have done it before with a friend it is now easy task but you feel good after. And after a few days your body adjusts and you no longer feel craving for things with it in, so my advice to you all is stick to your guns and don’t give up you will feel better at the end.

  45. Caitlin says:

    awesome! i am doing a 21-day sugar detox in september – no additional sweeteners, no fruit, no honey, no syrup, no alcohol!!

  46. What an awesome challenge! I am not yet there mentally (I bake…a lot) but maybe one day… Right now if I go a few days with no sugar I cave and sugar gorge. blah. Anyway, I think it is awesome what you are doing. How is it going?

  47. I am late, but I am accepting your challenge! My month will just run from August 8, 2012 to September 9, 2012 (and hopefully beyond). Thanks for visiting and following my blog! You are definitely an inspiration!

  48. tchistorygal says:

    You are totally on the right track. It’s so hard. But I’ll join you. I can make it until Aug. 24. I need to go longer than that, but that’s a good start. Once I get past day 3 it’s easier. Thanks for the challenge. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ll be following yours – and joining you in your sugarless days. 🙂

  49. OK, since there are other late comers, and since I can’t resist a challenge, AND because I know I need to do this, I am jumping on board. Starting today and going until September 9th.

  50. lowcalorielife says:

    My family and I do this every year for Lent (the Christian tradition of giving up something we like for the 40 days between Ash Wednesday/the day after Mardi Gras and Easter). I think even non-religious people could do this since it’s a defined period of time and it’s near swimsuit season ^.^

  51. I’m impressed. Did you use Splenda or Stevia during the challenge or go cold turkey on everything sweet?


  52. ahappylass says:

    Great idea. Any updates on this? I’d love to know how you’re feeling.

  53. […] neurotic. These are all effects of sugar; not too long ago, I read a post on L-Jay Health about a 30-day no refined sugar challenge. It contains some shocking statistics how these days we eat about as much sugar in one week, as […]

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