Row Machine Basics

Posted: May 14, 2012 in breakfast, cardio, exercise, fitness, Health, metabolism, nutrition, run, sports, Uncategorized, wellness, workout
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  1. lauracoholan says:

    I am going to check if my gym has one tomorrow!

  2. leekirs1 says:

    The rowing machine is an AB Scorcher, too, an often overlooked aspect of a rarely used machine. Most gyms only have one, and people are missing out. When you go back in your row, lean way back, and when coming up, you are going to really work your abs. You will not be able to NOT isolate them. You can also use the handles in a canoe paddling side move that works the obliques. People can really get a full body workout (with the exception of glutes) on this machine!! ( I almost ripped an ab muscle doing this- not recommended, so be safe. Don’t be like me the first time and fail to see there are resistance settings 0-10 on this machine. Mine was set to ten, and I didn’t know it!)

  3. Dan Rubio says:

    I love the rowing machine!!! Probably one of my favorite “tools” I use at the gym. Great full body workout and is low impact and improve cardio as well as muscle endurance! I’m spoiled cause UCF has 5 new rowing machines and 4 “old” ones so you are almost guaranteed to have one open!

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