22 Day Countdown until the Half Marathon

Posted: February 10, 2012 in cardio, exercise, fitness, Health, metabolism, run, running, sports, workout

22 days to go until the half marathon (13.1) run and my training has not been up to par like it should be. Been so busy with work over the past few weeks and preparing for a move.  But this is not a excuse and I am going to train consistently the next 22 days. This will be my first half marathon and I have been really looking forward to it.

I am focusing more and more on healthy eating habits and getting adequate amounts of sleep for muscle recovery. Keep me motivated WordPress,  I am counting on you!

    • peak10 says:

      I ran my first half marathon 8 years ago and still remember it. I felt like an olympian when I walked into work with the big, shiny medal around my neck. Everyone was like “you ran 13 miles? I was like no I ran 13.1 miles.
      Good luck with the training and remember on race day to keep your pace. It’s easy to get really excited and start off too quickly. You can do it! Oh yeah, have fun along the way.

  1. Perry Lupyrypa says:

    Good luck – and thanks for being out there! I am doing a 30 k race at the end of March – and looking to your posts for motivation!!! I was on track – but have not run too much this week – so..gotta do a long one on the weekend to get back at it. Look forward to your updates! Thx!!

  2. iamjuans says:

    Boom! You can do this! I just ran a half marathon last week. The last couple weeks are key in training. Just keep your eye on the prize!

    • L-Jay Health says:

      Thanks a lot. Appreciate the motivation! How did your race go

      • iamjuans says:

        The race went AWESOME! I surpassed my expectation by over 15 minutes. My competitive juices started flowing and I felt as if I needed to pass everyone.
        BTW, the people that go out to support the runners are awesome. Hi 5 a few of them, you feel great and they know they are appreciated also.

  3. trikatykid says:

    I will quote from one of my favorite books, “a great racer does not worry about what has already happened but concerns himself only with what’s about to happen.” and .. “that which you manifest is before you.”


    • L-Jay Health says:

      Thank you for sharing this quote! Its so true

      • Katy says:

        Remember also that you can’t cheat training so don’t deprive your body of important rest days in an effort to “cram”. If you’re a dog-lover, read “The Art of Racing in the Rain.” You won’t regret it. I listened to it on audiobook on my cross-country drive.. It’s one of my favorites now.

  4. TheFathlete says:

    hey you got this. just keep movin! good luck on the 1/2. its a good feelin, for sure.-

  5. rchackman says:

    Good luck ! What race are you doing ?

  6. silvachiqa says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. Kelvin says:

    You’ll be fine – 22 days is ages. My first running race ever nest Saturday. 69 miles along Hadrian’s Wall, UK and work has been a pain in the ass when it comes to training. Stick with it!

  8. You know, I was sitting here contemplating if I should go on that long hike tomorrow and I saw this. Thank you for motivating me. I am definitely going.

  9. Giovanni says:

    Looks like this was posted on February 22nd; so, you’ve probably already completed the marathon. I hope you did well, L-Jay! We had an “Iron Man” competition here (Okanagan Valley) last year in which the contestants were given a drink (electrolytes) to ostensibly help them during the course. Unfortunately, it caused many of them to slip into convulsions and comas. Some almost died. Pays to be careful with what we put into our bodies.

  10. Thats great Jay!! I ran my first half marathon a couple years ago with only 6 weeks training (which I don’t recommend Lol) and it was amazing. I would definitely train much longer than that as I had a VERY difficult time but it was a life changing experience as well. I love running and it takes courage and heart so Good for you!! Thanks for visiting my blog too! 🙂

  11. shubhstarot says:

    Enroll the people around u at work and home so that they can support u . I have seen many times when I want to focus on one thing , I have something which i wanted before start working for me , but beware it might be distraction…

  12. Mervin says:

    thanks for following my blog. All the best with the marathon. I myself have just sign up for a 42km full run for a marathon this coming November. Any advice for novice like me?

    • L-Jay Health says:

      Just make sure you train consistently. Get a running schedule and be sure to follow it. Drink tons of water during your training and eat plenty of protein. Take vitamins and eat veggies for muscle toning and cardiovascular benefits. Good luck to you!

  13. idieempty says:

    L-Jay! Keep that drive and focus blazing firery hottt!…the count down will soon be over and gameday will be upon us. I hope you’re planning on having as much fun at your event as I am at mine 🙂 Much love my brother!

  14. perthcyclist says:

    Hi, thanks for liking my post! I love how bloggers can build up little communities and support one another. Now keep up that training 😉

  15. runonthefly says:

    get a couple long runs in and do some intervals for your heart and you’ll be fine. Have fun!

  16. Less than a month to go – don’t lose sight of the goal. Now is the time to pick up the training.
    We know you can do this.

  17. Amanda says:

    Any tips for a wannabe half-marathoner?

    • L-Jay Health says:

      Train, train, train! Set mildstones for yourself. Before running a half marathon I set to run a 5k, then 10, 15k and then half marathon. How often do you run? What is the longest distance you ran before?

  18. Just completed one today! You can do it.. Just get some good music and book a massage a few hours later. Good luck!

  19. author25 says:

    I completely agree about the motivational cheerleaders on the sidelines – god bless them! Scotiabank was my first half marathon too – and the boost by the crowd made it such a positive and motivating experience. Congrats on the race! I know first hand that it’s no walk through the park! 🙂

    • L-Jay Health says:

      Thank you! Its tough especially the first one haha but a great feeling at the end!! Thanks for reading! DO you have any races coming up?

      • author25 says:

        You’re welcome! And no, not that I’ve planned on anyway- Scotia was the “big one” of the year.. but after completing it, I’m contemplating Hamilton on the 4th of Nov. How about you?

  20. webvisor2012 says:

    Power to you L-Jay. Until I had a stroke it was my dream to do a marathon or even 1/2. Alas, 10K will have to do…

  21. I trained in 3 1/2 wks for my first half. Eeks!!!! You can do it. I’m sure you already have a set training plan over the last few weeks before the race. I wasn’t able to taper down due to the short training time. The key is conditioning your legs to run long distances. My first 8 miles I about died. Took me 3 days to recover. Then I did 9 and 10. 9 was about half as bad as the 8 miles but the 10 was much easier!!! The race went well. Felt great afterwards, was only sore the rest of the day. Good luck!!!! On race day, don’t go out too fast. 🙂 Pace yourself.

    • L-Jay Health says:

      Thanks a lot for the race tips and feedback. I actually did everything you said and the race turned out well! Will be doing this one again next year! You have any events coming up?

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