My Starbucks Addiction-Keeping it Healthy

Posted: December 23, 2011 in breakfast, coffee, fitness, food, Health, metabolism, nutrition, portion control

I love Starbucks coffee, I go at least 3x a week and sometimes 4x a week. People always ask me how do I stay in shape with drinking so much Starbucks coffee and always going there. The truth is; it is easy to keep in shape with drinking Starbucks coffee but only if you drink the right thing.  I keep it simple when ordering coffee, regular black coffee with soymilk and 1 splenda packet. Taste amazing. This is so much better for you than drinking a iced latte or frappucino.

If you drink at Starbucks and you want to keep it healthy here are some good tips:

  • Never add whip cream (if your coffee comes with whip cream ask them not to add it)
  • Save your self calories by avoiding the Venti cup size, go with the tall or grande cup size instead
  • If you need sweetener, use splenda instead of pure sugar.
  • Substitute regular milk for soymilk (If you don’t like soymilk  simply choose no fat milk for you coffee)
  • Stay away from the danishes and sweet snacks at the counter
  • When ordering, always ask for you preferred coffee to be “light”. Choosing “light” will substitute the whole milk for low fat milk, removes the whip cream, and it doesn’t add sugar.

If you can follow these tips you too can stay in shape and still enjoy the great taste of Starbucks coffee.

  1. alohagirl612 says:

    Thanks for the great tips! I’m not a coffee drinker, but i do like my hot chocolate there! I’m sure I can get it light. 😀

  2. I always hated it when they would give me whipped cream in my ice coffee, it’s better with ice cream! ;-)Now on a more healthy side of me I just have a home made Soy Latte with one sugar.

  3. iamjuans says:

    Good tip with going with anything light on starbucks. I try and skip starbucks all together. For one thing its way too expensive. And if skipping on the $5.00 coffee puts money in my pocket and saves me wasted calories I’m way in favor of this. 🙂

  4. notimetow8 says:

    Good article. Great tips. My poison is a caramel macchiatto with non fat milk. Venti comes in at 240 calories, 1g of fat, 13g protein. Once per week.

  5. DSTPRL says:

    No whipped cream? NOW you tell me. 🙂

  6. tessbrennan says:

    My problem with Splenda is that it is an artificial sweetener and plays havoc on the body’s ability to stay in balance. I would rather someone use real sugar or honey, than Splenda or other artificial sweeteners… perhaps carry some Stevia packets in your pocket or purse. 🙂 Excellent suggestions.

    • You could get stevia packets and do it yourself. That way it’s the same kind of result as Splenda- but natural. Or turbinado, if you want a real natural sugar type. I find myself using light agave in place of honey because it has a lower effect on blood sugar and tastes pretty similar. :]

  7. oldswimmer says:

    LJ, you liked my blog entry today at, and I am so glad for your interest! I will be watching your progress as you make a fit example of that overweight person you used to be ! Way to go! And thanks!!

    • L-Jay Health says:

      Thanks for the kind words oldwimmer! I am happy you enjoyed the blog. Also thanks for the motivation we can all use it no matter how fit we are! Thanks for following

  8. hgsurvivor says:

    Great tips! I’m curious- do you ever use stevia? I use it in tea and it tastes okay.

  9. Will Bigg says:

    Good thoughts. My trick was to force myself to drink it straight black until I eventually acquired a taste for it. Now I can’t imagine drinking my coffee sweet. That’s like adding Sweet’N Low to my Guinness. The roast has to be a little better than Folgers Instant, though.

  10. siany1 says:

    I’m not convinced by the whole soy milk thing – it’s fortified with vitamins and minerals to match milk, but when things are fortified your body doesn’t absorb them as well (I know this as I used to work on vitamins in the lab) and it also has a higher fat content than skimmed milk. I drink skimmed milk all day (about 5-6 cups of tea/day) and have lost lots of weight so I wouldn’t rule out that as an option, unless you are lactose intolerant of course.

  11. CHAARG says:

    we are addicted to starbucks too! thanks for the tips 🙂

  12. Great healthy ideas. Almond milk taste good too.
    Thank you for stopping by and liking my blog!

  13. suzriley1 says:

    My fave is an iced Americana with a splash of soy or non-fat milk and a shot of sugar free syrup. Delicious and low calorie!!!

  14. suzriley1 says:

    My fave is an iced Americana with a splash or soy or non fat milk and a shot of sugar free vanilla syrup. Delicious and low calorie!! Also, it is cheaper than ordering an “iced” coffee.

  15. noahsarahdad says:

    Jay, I am a Soy Misto guy. I get one about 3-4 times a week. I used to add the sugar-free cinnamon dolce, but discovered how unbelievably bad it is for you. The soy milk they use is organic and vanilla flavored so I’ve gotten used to it. Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to hanging out at yours too.

  16. Christine says:

    Hi L-Jay. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Hope you will enjoy my doodlings. If you’re into health & fitness, you’d probably like Renee’s blog, too (

  17. Hi! Just dropping by to see what you’re up to. This post is very helpful, thanks. I am a fan of coffee in general (mornings without coffee will be an episode of crankiness and the absence of focus) so the soy milk bit is a great idea. Will try it!

  18. Gimpwalker says:

    You can get decent soy milk powder at the health store. I’m lucky I like my coffee organic and without additives~!

    Keep up the good work, L-Jay!

  19. shegallery says:

    Great tips, I’m not a fan of soy milk though and unfortunately I can’t resist sweets (sweets are my biggest weakness). Btw, thanks for visiting and following my blog!

    • L-Jay Health says:

      I think most people have the sweets issue, its all in the mind and if we can get past the mental part of not eating sweets we can concur it. Have a good day! Stay strong!!

  20. In New York, calories have to be posted for all the drinks and goodies. That helps me be a litle more disciplined!

  21. I love Starbucks coffee but I always have just a regular coffee. Even that’s a treat for me. Nice blog, thanks for visiting my blog today.

  22. Major coffee addict here. Had to go decaf because it was affecting my sleep, but I still gotta have it. I’m not sure what cities have this, but in Honolulu we have “Oat Cakes”. I’m not sure if they are served chain wide but they’re about a 1/3 pound hockey puck of enjoyment. Some of the Starbucks can’t keep up with the morning demand so they don’t bother putting them in the display and just bag them in piles on the counter.

    Other bloggers: Can you post here if your city has Oat Cakes in Starbucks?

  23. eideard says:

    Experimenting with – and becoming a fan of – Stevia.

  24. Good on ya for the tips! I work for starbucks (among other things) and I can say your tips are quite good. I think the most common misconceptions and myths there can be fixed by these simple reminders:

    -Venti is not more coffee–just more milk and syrup. (Except iced venti which has an extra shot on lattes. It also has more syrup than the hot venti.)
    -Plain black coffee always had the most caffeine, if that’s what you’re after.
    -You can substitute any syrup and request how much of it for every drink. (There are 4 sugar-free ones too.)

  25. Reclaiming My Sexy says:

    I love this information! I always get a non-fat Latte. It is heaven and very low calorie.

  26. margiemiguel says:

    Hey, I’ve been doing this too… but I still get the dark chocolate cookie once in a while ;D

  27. […] did a post waaay back in December about one of my favorite things: Starbucks. He talked about the healthy way […]

  28. datGurl! says:

    Well that 1st line kills me off. Frap addict here!

  29. Thanks for the tips! I had a serious latte addiction (Starbucks mainly!) and have switched to tea, making the lattes a treat for special occasions only.

  30. Have you tried Cafe Misto? Not on menu but they’ll do it (in the Uk) fewer calories than cappuccino but more refreshing than filter, I think.

  31. opreach says:

    I agree! I had a tall soy latte, no foam (if you put the top on the coffee, it’s a why bother) this morning. It’s only 130 calories. I don’t go every week, but it is a fun treat for me. I’ve had the Misto, and like to get green tea there.

  32. twicecookedhalfbaked says:

    I, too, am addicted to Starbucks. But I go for the tea. A venti iced black, no sweetener, no water TONS of ice. I get one a day, most days. I swear theirs has crack in it, as I have been unable to reproduce this tea at home. Even with their product. Hmmm….

  33. graceyb says:

    I love Starbusks. I stop in 2-3 days a week on my way to work. I always get a tall soy latte, mmm good

  34. YouYoga says:

    thanks for the great tips…..i also enjoy getting a tall, green tea latte with soy, no sugar……’s quite the treat! all thanks for liking our youyoga’s post on copd. kuddos to you for trying out some yoga!!!

  35. Lisa says:

    The Iced caramel macchiotto is my favorite treat!

  36. K. Martini says:

    Love your tips! Thanks for visiting my site….I’m excited to follow your journey!


  37. ssotelo says:

    Love everything about this minus the Splenda! It is actually 600 times sweeter than sugar and your body doesn’t recognize it as sugar so you end up craving more in the long run! Research it. It’s just as bad as any other artificial sweetener or added sugar. I am starting a sugar detox tmrw… So I have to say bye to Starbucks haha. 21 days can’t come soon enough! 🙂

  38. lindaluke says:

    Love these tips. Yum!

  39. […] addition to stay on my diet.  If you want more info on how to order smart at starbucks check out L-Jay’s blog.  He has some great tips on keeping starbucks drinks low […]

  40. houkie says:

    Great post! Lots of good tips in here. I myself am a hopeless Starbucks junkie!

  41. thombeed says:

    we are very similar. Which ever country I am in I will first seek a Starbucks and get my fix. Enjoy your half marathon.

  42. I love Cafe lattes but I can’t seem to justify the extra calories than just a plain coffee with skim milk and splenda. Any tips or similar drinks?

  43. ArtistMum says:

    L-Jay………what an accomplishment losing so much weight! And running is such a great form of exercise. I’m sure you will be able to do a half marathon and then a whole one too!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and deciding to follow it. I hope some of my health tips will help you as well.
    Stay focused!

  44. theskinnyonthefatty says:

    Thanks for the tip! I too love Starbucks coffee and have been avoiding it like crazy since I started my diet. I may be able to get my Starbucks fix after all =)

  45. Black coffee or a Dopio for me

  46. JennyO says:

    I haven’t had a Starbucks in AGES, but when we went back to the states I did become a regular at the Dunkin Donuts. I think I probably should have asked for the “light” version 😉 Great ideas!

  47. I love this! I have coffee–usually multiple cups–every day! I drink mine black–nothing at all added. If I go to Starbucks for a rare treat, I love iced coffee with a splash of skim milk. Ever tried almond milk in your coffee? I gave up soy milk when I discovered almond milk and haven’t looked back! 🙂

  48. Reblogged this on goFigure and commented:
    Coffee can be healthy peeps! Follow L-Jay’s advice or drink it black like I do! Love those antioxidants!

  49. Can’t go wrong with green tea! 😉

  50. Boomdeeadda says:

    I am such a Starbucks junkie. Luckily it’s a Tall Skinny with One pump of Sugar Free Vanilla. Now if I could ignore the banana bread 100% of the time.

  51. Love my Starbucks. . I will implement the changes on my next visit! . I have been cutting down my visits as a matter of health, but perhaps I can make the changes and go twice a month or something!

  52. Sas says:

    I’m a fan of the decaf soya latte – my weekly treat 🙂

  53. khg says:

    My Starbucks treat trick: I look up the menu and calories online before I go to the shop so I can decide what I want and how much of it will do. That way, all my negotiating is done at my desk, and I can order with confidence. “If I get the tall green tea frap, I can get whipped cream, but if I get a coffee latte instead of a Frappuccino, I can get a grande …”

    • L-Jay Health says:

      Wow! That’s awesome you have it all figured out. I’m kind of the same way, I find out how much calories are in each drink and I like that determine which size and what I can and cannot add. Thanks for sharing!

  54. hazelito1972 says:

    Great tips, however I would never, ever use Splenda. That stuff is not nice. If you need a sweetener, the healthiest options are to BYO organic maple syrup or raw honey. But of course, they both have a distinctive flavour, which you may not like in your coffee. Failing those, I would stick to good old cane sugar. It is non-GMO and won’t have horrible chemicals in it like Splenda.

  55. jamieweilhealthcoach says:

    Now I’m jonesing for a triple decaf soy latte! Yeah I am. Love your blog, L-Jay.

  56. shoesmaketheman says:

    So much work in keeping trim and healthy! I’m thinking I might give the weight loss attempts up and just work on becoming more jolly….

  57. Robin G says:

    Try an Americano with Sugarfree Vanilla (&no cream)! Amazing and even less calories!

  58. maile says:

    Reblogged this on Outhouse Fitness and commented:
    Great Tips for Healthier Starbucks

  59. I like Starbucks myself and very much agree size is everything when you go to Starbucks. Most people don’t know but they offer an 8oz kids size for all the drinks and this is what I get. Skipping the whipped cream is a solid plan as well. The only part I don’t agree with are the artificial sweeteners. In my studies they are bad news. I go for everything in 8oz moderation. Coffee on!

  60. Elise says:

    Unfortunately (or fortunately?) we don’t have Starbucks in Norway. But I absolutely love it and try find similar ones. Really good advices, ill think of them next time I’m buying a coffee 🙂

  61. pinklightsabre says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog! I work for Starbucks and you’re spot-on..thanks for putting this out there.

    • L-Jay Health says:

      Ahh thanks! Means alot coming from a SB employee. How is it being around all the good coffee? What do you normally drink?

      • pinklightsabre says:

        I drink brewed coffee in my kitchen every day. Kicked caffeine for a good month or so, as an experiment, but didn’t like myself without it. Told my doctor I had given it up and he looked at me surprised and just said “why…?”

  62. […] many calories are in your typical Starbucks order at the their nutrition page and then check out this blog post and this blog post for tips on how to limit the calories in your Starbucks […]

  63. adruve says:

    I was in the US recently and had to teach the Star Bucks how to make a Flat White. Here in Australia when you go to the local coffee place they sell coffee (Mostly just coffee). Cream is not a option usually offered, except at the chain stores from OS. Also a Iced coffee is just coffee shot, and fresh iced milk. When you are next in Australia enjoying a coffee ask for skinny that is how you get the light options. Great post. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  64. sassyangies says:

    Nice tips! I’ll definitely keep this in mind.

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