11 Tips to Stay Healthy at the Thanksgiving table

Posted: November 20, 2011 in blood sugar, fitness, Health, portion control, thanksgiving, Uncategorized

Staying healthy for Thanksgiving can be a challenge for most of us due to all the great cooking and food around us. Myself personally, my favorite foods to eat for Thanksgiving is cornbread, rice, macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and not to mention my moms famous sweet tea and all of the desserts. But wait a minute, all of those foods are not healthy at all. Foods that contain high amounts of starches and sugar can cause our blood sugar levels to spike tremendously which can lead to weight gain. There is no way that I am going to take a chance by ruining my hard work in the gym and strict diet and blow it all for Thanksgiving.

Where we go wrong for Thanksgiving:

-Consuming foods in large amounts

-Adding salt and extra sauces to food

-Going back later for more

-Choosing not to workout due to feeling guilty from eating bad

-Putting off eating right and working out again until Monday

-Drinking alcohol

-Not drinking adequate amounts of water

-Stopping at houses of others and eating food at multiple places

Things that you can do to still enjoy your Thanksgiving and also maintain your waistline:

Tip1 Ditch the sugary beverages and stick to drinking only water. (If you must, one glass of red wine is fine) Consuming sugary beverages adds more calories, carbohydrates and sugar to your intake leading to weight gain. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and functioning properly.

Tip2 Workout the morning of Thanksgiving and the day after. Doing 45 minutes of cardio or physical activity the morning of will send a trigger to your brain that you should eat a little better and control your portion size.

Tip3 Avoid the desserts if all possible. (If you must, a slice of pie, cake, etc is ok. BUT ONLY ONE SLICE) Desserts contain high levels of sugar and flour, when consumed immediately causes our blood sugar to rise subsequently causing our pancreas to produce insulin which may cause fat storage.

Tip4 Consume more meats (not fried) turkey, chicken, fish, ham etc is all good for you and contains high amount of protein.

Tip 5 Consume more vegetables: greens, peas, green beans, cabbage, etc. This will help you burn more calories than what the actual vegetable is worth. Ex. you may possibly burn 100 calories when consuming spinach that’s worth 30 calories. Vegetables are known as fat burning foods and will also make you feel fuller from all of its fiber.

Tip 6 When you are full, STOP EATING. Allow your body time to digest food and step away from the dinner table. Portion control is keen. Thanksgiving is not a all you can eat buffet.

Tip 7 Take your multivitamins. Keep your body as nutritionally healthy as possible.

Tip 8 Take cinnamon supplements. Cinnamon acts as a natural supplement to lower and maintain blood sugar levels.

Tip 9 Drink a cup of brewed tea (green tea, black tea) after your meal. Drinking warm tea after eating meals helps for proper digestion.

Tip 10 DO NOT consume food prior to 3 hours from going to bed. Eating food less than 3 hours of going to bed can cause you to have a rough sleep, upset stomach, and can lead to fat storage. Ex. If you are going to bed at 10pm, do not eat no later than 7pm.

Tip 11 Tell your family and friends that you are watching your eating habits for Thanksgiving so that they can keep you in line and motivated.

Remember these tips as you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday and you can be sure to minimize weight gain, avoid feeling guilty, and maintain your waistline. Happy Holidays!!

  1. Wow, where was this blog post when we had Canadian Thanksgiving? These are some great words of advice, especially with the holiday season coming up! We’re looking forward to reading your blog and thanks so much for the follow!


  2. Jay Caniel says:

    Great Tips!!!!!

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