Cardiovascular Exercise

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Doing cardiovascular exercise has its many benefits. I normally do my cardio exercises in the morning to increase my fat burn. Staying motivated to do exercise can be somewhat tough for most people. Try and join and gym that has tv’s or music playing, this helps me keep going because I dont get bored when I am watching tv while running on the treadmill.For those of you who do not have a gym membership, you could put a tv or a radio in your workout room at home. Also music helps me to push harder and workout for a longer period of time. I am also a runner, so when I go running I use my music headphone that wrap around my ear so that they do not fall out when I am running. Having a good pair of workout shoes is also important to increase stability and comfort during your workouts. An uncomfortable workout can cause for a very tough workout which can cause a person to stop early. Also, try and drink at least  16 ounces of water before performing your workout routine. This will help keep you hydrated and to decrease fatigue.

Doing cardio has its many benefits, to name a few:

Improved heart health

Increased metabolism

Improved muscle mass 

Reduce stress

Controls blood sugar levels

Improve immune system

Increase brain power

Improves sleep patterns

and of course, Reduce body fat 

The American Heart Associations recommends performing at least 30 minutes of cardio like activities a day, for 5 days a week. For those of you with busy schedules, try waking up 30-45 minutes early to knock out your cardio for the day. Start today and take advantage of all the many benefits that you can take advantage of by doing some cardio each day.


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