Patience with Progress

Posted: October 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

We all want results when it comes to fitness goals, weights loss, muscle building, better health, etc… But we must be realistic when it comes to seeing the results. Is it realistic for a person weighing 225 pounds to drop 6-8 pounds a week? Is it realistic for a 120 pound guy to build 40 pounds of muscle in 1 month? The truth is that these goals are NOT realistic. These are all goals that I have heard from people at one point or another. Keep in mind that it takes time, hardwork, clean diet and patience when it comes to seeing results.

What can you do? You can start by logging realistic goals into a journal and checking each goal as you complete them and start with the next. Have a friend or a family member check on you 2-3 days out of the week to hold you accountable on staying true to meeting your goals. If you are wanting to lose weight, 1-2 pounds a week is realistic and safe. If you happen to lose more thats great. If you are wanting to gain muscle than 1 pounds of muscle a week is realistic and safe.

Support: Get support from friends, co workers and family members as much as possible to help you stay true to the bottom line. If you have a hard time relying on people than you can always check out online communities for support. I personally recommend,, or These are very good weight loss and muscle building communities that you can become part of to receive helpful information from others and to share your experiences. You can also log your meals throughout the day as well as keeping track of your workouts.

And remember drinking lots of water throughout the day helps everyone to achieve their goals, muscle building, weight loss, healthy lifestyle. Try and aim for drinking at least half you body weight in ounces of water each day.


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