Cell phones while Working Out…Good or Bad?

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Does it bother you when others in the gym are talking on the phone and you can hear their conversation?

If you are able to hold a conversation or send text messages while working out, then you might as well quit your workout. I see people talking on their cellphones at the gym all the time. This is something that I could never do for various reasons (coordination issues and falling off the elliptical, personal hygiene, gym etiquette,) but many people clearly do not feel the same. Talking on the phone cheapens any activity, especially working out, because it makes you lose focus. I find that focus really is key. In order to effectively be working out you should be almost out of breath which will not allow you to conduct a full phone conversation or even send a text.

Let me know what you think  about cell phones in the gym by taking the poll below and leaving a comment.

  1. ljayhealth says:

    I always leave my cell phone in the car so that Im not distracted by phone calls or text messages while I work out.

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